Kala Cotton Collection

Kala Cotton; Pure, ‘Old World’ Cotton, also known as 'Gandhi's Cotton.

All our scarves and stoles, in this collection, are handwoven with 100% Kala Cotton by the local artisans of Kachchh, Gujarat.

Kala (pronounced kah-lah) Cotton is genetically very pure and is among the most water efficient cottons in the world, growing easily in areas which are prone to drought without the need for irrigation.

We are proud to be working with Khamir, an NGO in Kachchh, Gujarat. Khamir, in collaboration with Satvik, introduces a holistic approach to textile production in harmony with the ecology of Kachchh by creating a sustainable local chain of production, thus providing income for small and marginal farmers, handspinners, ginners, dyers and weavers. Khamir works with local artisans to create products that celebrate traditional skills and crafts whilst, at the same time, appeal to today’s contemporary lifestyle.